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Mindfulness Sessions With Caroline


Mindfulness is a state of being, characterized by accepting and acknowledging the present moment, without getting caught up in mental or emotional reactions.

The mindfulness session will introduce you to the underlying ideas and principles of the Mindfulness – Stress Reduction Program MSRP, which aims at fostering a mindful way of living, counteracting stress, and supporting well-being. The client will be encouraged to reflect on mindfulness and mindlessness in daily life and will participate in practical exercises. The aim of these sessions is to spark an interest in the positive and mindful way of living and to enhance wellbeing and mental-physical health. Read More

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How To Get Out Of Your Own Head

Probably you have heard many times the words “I got stuck in my head”. If you are a human and you are not the enlightened master of meditation yet, it is likely you are familiar with this state. The common signs of this phenomena are:

– constant stream of thoughts,
– flashbacks,
– fear from plans for the future,
– contradictions between thoughts and feelings,
– physical and emotional stress. Read More

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How To Make Holistic Transformation Possible

At first glance, some people might think that tantric massage is just an erotic or relaxing massage, an exotic entertainment in combination with good marketing. I think most people (like me in the past) do not even know what treasure can be found in it and there are reasons why it happens. Nowadays more and more people start making their living by giving tantric massage because there is a great demand and it takes a very short time to become a certified specialist. But to learn how to really help people on a very deep level takes years of studies and practice, especially when it comes to such a vulnerable and taboo subject as sexuality. It took me 8 years of intense study of the body-mind connection, to go through many somatic pieces of training, to breathe, to move, and to dance through my stiff body in order to understand how tantric massage can serve as a powerful tool for holistic and profound transformation.
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Finding Balance Between Rationality and Sensuality

Probably most of us are familiar with the feeling when our body craves some intense, sensual experience that is so hard to get in everyday life. It can also be some fantasy about an unusual encounter or situation which is full of novelty and thrill. The good news is that whatever your desire is, it is absolutely natural, this is the expression of your instinct, your life energy which can give the key to great power and joy. So is it always right to follow our body impulses and instincts? What if it contradicts the social norms and creates difficult dilemmas? Let´s explore some options that can help you find alternative ways to balance your rational and impulsive parts. Read More

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Four Steps to Multiple Orgasms

Despite the huge number of articles about how to “bring pleasure to your bedroom” and “spice up your sex life,” many of us have not yet gotten a fulfilling answer with practical results.

Most look for a wonderful partner, create extraordinary situations, or experiment with new toys. We intuitively are drawn to something new, unknown, and very exciting to stimulate our desire. And that is absolutely fine to look for inspiration outside. To some extent, it boosts our sex drive and supports a positive mood, but for others, it may not seem satisfying enough. There is something inside our bodies that limits our capacity for experiencing very high states of pleasure.

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What Makes Tantric Massage a Unique Experience

There are so many different positive effects of tantric massage on the human body and emotional well-being that we could not help but mentioning some basic principles and components that make it so special. You may have your own point of view and different experiences with this kind of service in different places. In this article, I just will try to express what approach is used by professionals who are very devoted to this work and understand why it is important to deal with people on many levels: physical, emotional, and mental. Read More

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What Helps Pleasure Expand

I started my journey of sexual exploration because I looked for something more than I was used to experiencing in my private life. Having attended numerous workshops on how to enhance sexuality and erotic energy, I want to share information about the key points that can make the work of tantra masseuse more meaningful and more beneficial for our clients. All these points explain how arousal can be integrated into the whole body by means of tantric massage, during solo self-pleasuring or lovemaking with a partner. If you practice it regularly and over time, you invite heightened erotic states into your private life and create a new habit in your body for experiencing more pleasure with your partner. I invite you to my “laboratory of pleasure” where you can explore ecstatic states and learn to create them by and for yourself. Read More

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Which Benefit Tantric Massage Brings To Women?

Initially, the tantric massage was invented by a German teacher of the neotantra named Andro. The method is supposed to be a ritual, awakening the sensitivity of a beloved woman. All the touches and actions are expressing unconditional love, which is a wish to give without getting anything back. It helps a woman to relax and unfold her inner sensual potential. It is better, indeed, when a woman receives a massage from a person, whom she feels connected emotionally, whom she trusts, as female sexuality fully awakens in the presence of a beloved one. But the absence of proper sex education often makes women search for the key to deep experiences from qualified specialists in the area of intimacy. Having passed the way from a patient towards a somatic sex educator, I would like to share my view on the use of this massage for women if they are open to such experiments and to describe the experience they might get from this method. Read More

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Natural Ways To Increase Male Potency

Many people of both genders know this weird condition very well. Doctors call it erectile dysfunction, which means that one cannot get an erection or keep it properly. Here we would not discuss some strictly medical cases like consequences of traumatic injuries or genital infections, or some vessel pathologies because it needs medical treatment. We’d rather talk about psychological ED (Erectile Dysfunction). How you can distinguish between them? Read More

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Tantric Massage And Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation belongs to the most common sexual disorders, and many people are quite concerned about that. Here, we again come to the roots of this issue. It is quite clear for anybody nowadays that our behavior consists of some patterns. It means we behave the way we feel according to our surroundings and emotions. During this process, we get some experience, and then we know what is to like and otherwise. Nevertheless, somehow it happens that our awareness does not spread over some emotional or bodily levels. Read More

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