Finding Balance Between Rationality and Sensuality

Probably most of us are familiar with the feeling when our body craves some intense, sensual experience that is so hard to get in everyday life. It can also be some fantasy about an unusual encounter or situation which is full of novelty and thrill. The good news is that whatever your desire is, it is absolutely natural, this is the expression of your instinct, your life energy which can give the key to great power and joy. So is it always right to follow our body impulses and instincts? What if it contradicts the social norms and creates difficult dilemmas? Let´s explore some options that can help you find alternative ways to balance your rational and impulsive parts.

Our instincts evolve and exist since the beginning of our times. They are perfectly designed to save our lives and create new ones. They are incredibly strong, they can give an enormous amount of energy to survive in extreme situations. Sexual instinct is one of the basic ones and thousands of years ago in the Tantric cultures, people had been using its great power for supporting other areas of life, including spiritual growth and prolonging life. Even if we are not Tantric practitioners the way how we deal with sexual desire and other inner impulses has an impact on our health condition and level of stress. Avoiding or suppressing our impulsive animal means that we suppress our life energy. And we do not want it, right?

On the other hand, following our instinctive desire is not always possible or does not make sense. Supporting family, stable relationships, and bonds in society guarantees safety and the possibility to build something together. We cannot survive alone that is why we have to accept the rules even if we do not like them. So what to do with this inner conflict? On one hand, we keep our wild animal which wants to run freely through the jungle and take everything from life, and on the other hand, we have a rational human with the full bunch of responsibilities. And we understand that we need both parts, we want to be whole.

Fortunately, now there are so many amazing ways to express our needs and desires in a relaxed and safe space. Nowadays more and more people attend training, workshops, and individual sessions which unfold the sensual potential of the body by means of dancing, singing, movements, bodywork, role play, touch, massages, different meditations, and so on. In short, we need three main components to let it happen: people with the same interests, rules to support safety, and experience, that we can feel through our body. In our studio, we offer popular sessions of tantric massages which can also honor our impulsive and passionate side. So what makes this massage so special and helpful? Here are just a few points to describe what this massage can offer:

– Due to the slow rhythm, length, and variety of strokes you dive into your body experiencing and awake senses, which actually means that you reconnect to your instincts hidden in your body.
– In its turn instincts restore all body functions and you start regenerating.
– If you got stuck in your head, tantric massage redirects attention to your body, and you relax;
– When the head stops controlling and analyzing, body wisdom and intuition may appear. Very often our clients notice that they spontaneously find important answers by means of this resource.
– As this massage is gentle and sensual your level of oxytocin can increase. This hormone causes the feeling of safety and emotional bonding. This treatment can be useful for people who feel anxiety and lack trust in relationships with other people.
– If sexual energy appears it is not necessary to hide it or avoid it. We use special techniques from the bodywork to make this energy vibrate and freely move. If you do not want to use any techniques just resting in the present moment without agenda has a great impact.
– Under professional guidance, it is really possible to reprogram our body responses. If someone feels stress or tension while receiving the touch, it is possible to notice what defensive mechanisms one´s body uses and consciously learn to relax and extend capacity for experiencing pleasure.
– Many people just need the presence of another human, emotional support, and a caring touch. Even if tantric massage cannot substitute the contact with a real partner it can be a temporary solution for accumulating positive energy.

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