About Tantric Massage

What Makes Tantric Massage a Unique Experience

There are so many different positive effects of tantric massage on human body and emotional well-being that we could not help but mentioning some basic principles and components that make it so special. You may have your own point of view and different experience with this kind of service in different places. In this article I just will try to express what approach is used by professionals who are very devoted to this work and understand why it is important to deal with people on manny levels: physical, emotional and mental. Read More

What Helps Pleasure Expand

I started my journey of sexual exploration because I looked for something more than I was used to experiencing in my private life. Having attended numerous workshops on how to enhance sexuality and erotic energy, I want to share information about the key points that can make the work of tantra masseuse more meaningful and more beneficial for our clients. All these points explain how arousal can be integrated into the whole body by means of tantric massage, during solo self-pleasuring or love making with a partner. If you practice it regularly and over time, you invite heightened erotic states into your private life and create a new habit in your body for experiencing more pleasure with your partner. I invite you to my “laboratory of pleasure” where you can explore ecstatic states and learn to create them by and for yourself. Read More

Origins of Tantric Massage

Tantra is a kind of worldview suggesting its followers a certain understanding, which is an application of any possible mental or bodily experience as a tool for development. The word itself means “weaving”, which might be interpreted nowadays as transformation, continuity, interlacement of various aspects and experiences of a human being as a whole entity inseparable from anything else. Thoughts, feelings, wishes, intentions, actions are natural expressions of our broad potential; our inner world is inseparable from supposedly outer world, and both are reflections of each other. Read More