Our Workshops are set in a group atmosphere and deal with many Tantra Massage techniques which help reconnect with the body, develop the ability to feel more pleasure, establish a great sexual life and enhance a connection with your partner.

Here is a list of our past workshops:

The Art To Pleasure Women

Men, who master the art to pleasure women, are not only perfect lovers but mainly partners that understand and fulfill their women’s needs. A lot of men are convinced they know their women, but the reality is alarming sometimes. Women fear to talk about their real needs, cannot experience their orgasms fully and quite frequently they pretend them.

During this seminar, you will intensively work on yourselves and understand the differences between male and female sexuality. We can teach you how to reveal the mystical world of women’s arousal. You will be taught the best inspiring touch techniques and tricks. You will get to know everything about yoni massage and the reflexology of the woman’s body.

After you finish this seminar, your partner will never want anybody else!

The course only for men.

Tantra teacher: Daniela

Date: 23rd April 2016

Location: Oslo
Workshop hours: 10:00 -17:00 including lunch break.

Price: 1.590 NOK

How To Take Her To A Place She Has Never Been

We have so much compassion for men because we know how complicated women can be. This is why we have prepared a workshop that will help you understand women and what they really want. We will give you honest feedback and real-time experiences to make you relaxed and confident when you are dating and having long-term relationships with women.

During the workshop you can learn how to:

  • Understand women’s desires and thought processes
  • Arouse women’s sexual psyche, her body and give her amazing pleasure
  • Touch erogenous zones and yoni to open up her full sensual potential

What to expect:

  • Experimental learning – practice is the only pathway to body-based learning. You will have the opportunity to touch a model which we will invite for the workshop.
  • Real-time feedback – you only improved if you are given honest, straightforward feedback about how you come across as well as tools for improvement.

The approach which we demonstrate to our students awakens true female nature and gives a healing effect because it is based on the feeling of safety, trust, love, presence, and deep relaxation.

The course only for men.

Tantra teachers: Daniela is a certified sexological bodyworker, relationship expert, and founder of a personal development center in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Vladimir Textoris is a relationship coach, experienced teacher of sensual massages who has helped many couples master the art of intimate touch, co-founder of the Sunrise studio.

Date: 11th June 2016

Location: Oslo
Workshop hours: 10:00 -17:00 including lunch break.

Price: 1.590 NOK