For Women

Work with body and feelings is one of the most effective ways how to increase life energy and inspiration. It is very healing, rejuvinating and at the same time it gives the feeling of love and joy. Thanks to conscious loving touch and tantra therapist’s mindfulness it is possible to experience miracles. You have opportunity to look at the love in the other context then you used to do.


Dealing with women we use much more than just knowledge of classical tantric massage. Except anatomical knowledge and process of the massage it is very important to know how differs female and male feelings in the body and their needs. First of all women need trust, relaxation and feeling of safety in order to be open for deep experience. The most important thing is to open their heart before touch because women seek the feeling of love and connection. At the beginning a tantra therapist focuses on touching a face, hair, neck, palms, feet, belly and while the whole body is filling in with energy he/she gradually and carefully approaches pelvic floor area. They say that male energy is like fire and female one is like water – it takes a lot of time to heat it up and to cool it down. But the thing is very few men know how to treat the female body and very few women ever experienced their sensual potential to the full. We would recommend to book at least 2 hours tantra massage if you want to deal with pelvic floor area.

If you are not sure that such direct work with pelvic floor suits you there is opportunity to book tantra massage without yoni massage. You can also stay in underwear and choose between male and female massage therapist. Such form of massage also has its benefits: it awakens sensitivity in the whole body, helps to relax and stay more present, in the state of „here and now“.

Tantra massage for healing

From our experience I can tell when women make appointment for tantra massage in most cases they look for healing therapy. Very often women have problems with sensitivity or painful sensations after the birth of a child or/and operation. Sexual abuse, emotional traumas, stress and suppressed emotions cause sensitivity loss as well. It is not necessary to have really big trauma to loose sensitivity. Very often it happens because of unhealthy sexual habbits. For example, a woman was not aroused enough for penetration but because she wanted to look „open“ or to please her husband she allows her partner to penetrate inside of her vagina. The body gets tensed and becomes senseless because we actually do not give it what it really needs. Sensitivity loss is a defensive reaction of the body. If something bad happens in our life, especially if it is connected with sexual experience our brain „gives command“ to switch off sensitivity in this area to prevent trauma or stress situation in the future.

In order to bring sensitivity back we use conscious touch, gentle technique to awaken sensitivity and teach a client how to cooperate with a tantra massage therapist. The client’s presence and ability to play active role in the process are the key to success. In the course of a session many supressed emotions and feelings can go out on the surface, and mostly not the pleasant ones. Actually this is a very good sign. All is needed is just let them go and soon they dissolve and a lot of fresh energy and joy come.