Individual Lessons on Tantric Massage

Is it possible to become a better lover with the help of tantra massage? Of course, yes. Tantra massage has a very reasonable structure and skillful means to take your partner to ecstatic realms. It gives an understanding of the difference between male and female sexuality and principles of extending arousal. Couples and singles attend our classes to create more appreciation and pleasure in their private life, use this knowledge for personal growth or healing.


For Pairs

From our lessons you can learn:
– how to touch your partner to open the heart;
– the whole body sensual massage with a variety of strokes and techniques to awaken sensitivity;
– art of yoni and lingam massage for men and women;
– difference between erogenous zones in men and women;
– anal massage to release tension and get ready for pleasure;
– very interesting facts about the anatomy of female arousal;
– how to treat scars (after the operation, cesarean section, etc) which can block sensitivity;

You have the opportunity to learn the sequence of the whole tantra massage ritual or only some elements, for example, lingam massage, which you can use as a part of very powerful foreplay.

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For Singles

If you cannot bring your friend to training we will demonstrate massage on a model from our studio that is why you have a unique opportunity to touch and receive feedback from another professional. In that case, we charge extra money for the participation of a model.

We divided the whole process of learning into several parts. Now you can see how much time you need to learn one particular element of massage.

1. The introductory ritual which is performed before a massage in a standing position, the whole body massage – at least 2 hours;
2. Yoni massage – 2 hours;
3. Lingam – 2 hours;
4. Anal massage – 2 hours;
5. Big Draw technique – 1,5 hour
6. Magic – practical usage of energy for reaching goals – 1,5 hours.

All tantric massage lessons involve explanation and practical training on you, your partner, or a model.

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