What Is Tantric Massage

Although there are different schools and forms of Tantra massage, there is one quality that unites them all - its holistic approach. It honors all parts of the body without exception and all bodily and emotional expressions with full respect and presence.

For Men

Tantric massage is the best way to reduce stress and help men reconnect to their masculine power. This is the time for their pleasure, luxurious rest, and charging with new energy.

For Women

Work with body and intimacy is one of the most effective ways how to increase life energy and inspiration. It is very healing, rejuvenating and at the same time, it gives the feeling of love and joy.

For Couples

Tantric massages are especially popular among long-term couples that wish to have more fulfilling physical intimacy. While receiving massage together they can get inspired by sensuous touch without any goal or agenda.

4 & 6 Hand Tantric Massage

4 and 6 hand massage is an extremely powerful experience. The thing is our brain can observe and control touches and motion of only 2 hands. This massage is recommended to people who have the habit to control every situation, analyze and think too much. Your head can not cope with too many objects and there is only one thing left – to surrender. The presence of one or two more tantric massage therapists can also multiply the energy you can get during the session.

Lessons on Tantric Massage

Is it possible to become a better lover with the help of tantra massage? Of course, yes. Tantra massage has a very reasonable structure and skillful means to take your partner to ecstatic realms.