1. Where are you located?
Oslo, Norway.

2. How far in advance should I schedule an appointment?
We suggest you make a reservation at least one or two days in advance so that we can be able to choose a convenient time for an appointment. If it is not possible you are always welcome to get in touch with us and order a massage the same day you want to come.

3. How can I book a session?
You can contact us via email (info@tantraoslo.no) or by mobile phone call/message (47) 908 56 215. Just tell us the type of massage, the day, and the preferred hour so we can check our schedule and make an appointment.

4. Can I choose a masseuse/masseur?
Here you can read the profiles of our masseuses and choose a suitable therapist. We also have a calendar so you can always check it and find out who is on the shift at the moment.

5. At what time can I come?
We work from 9:00 until 21:00 without weekends (whole week).

6. What preparations do I need to do before a session? Should I take anything with me?
No perfumes or excessive make-up, hair without gel or mousse. Abstain from alcohol and avoid heavy food for 3-4 hours before your session. There is nothing you should take with you as we have everything that you need in our studio.

7. Is it possible to take a shower before and after a tantra massage?
We have shower facilities and everything you need in our studio. You can take shower before and after the session if you’d like to.

8. Are the masseuses naked during a tantra massage? Am I naked?
Nudity is an expression of openness, it means that there is nothing to be ashamed of. So our massage therapists can be nude or dressed according to the client’s personal preferencesWhile receiving tantra massage you can stay in underwear or naked and partially covered with a sarong. It depends on how fully opened you feel yourself.

9. Can I touch the masseuse/masseur?
According to the rules of our company, clients are not allowed to touch a tantra massage therapist. Please respect their personal space during the session and they will be very thankful for such an attitude.

10. Do you provide body-to-body? Do you do Nuru massage? Dark, red, or white Tantra?
We do not provide body-to-body, Nuru massage, dark, red, or white Tantra in our studio. We offer two forms of tantra massage. The first one is without yoni and lingam massage which excludes massage of the pelvic floor and intimate zones and the second one which is called classical tantra massage includes massage of yoni and lingam.

11. Do you accept credit cards?
We accept only cash.

12. Can you give a discount?
We do not provide discounts to anyone. This is the politics of our company.

13. How does massage help to cope with premature ejaculation, loss of erection?
Tantra massage can help you with these issues in case if it is caused by psychological factors (stress, mental pressure, unhealthy habits or emotional blocks). Our specialists can teach you to relax abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor where tension is concentrated. Prolonged genital massage in a relaxed state helps restore sensitivity (for this part of the body). Continuing touch helps to establish contact with the body. You can receive some exercises for doing your solo practice at home. But you should be ready that it can take some months to recover.

Applying sexological bodywork tools can help you control your erection, orgasms  (so you can have many), your ejaculation (which is different from orgasm – when you learn how to control it).

14. Can I find you on Facebook?
Sure. Here you can find and follow our Facebook page.