For Men

The man’s lingam is “a gateway to his life force“ and his energy spreads from intimate area to the rest of the body. Usually men experience excitement only in the area of pelvis but during tantric massage many new and extraordinary sensations can appear. If you apply deep breathing, movement and voice – the main principles that activates the nerveous system  – you can experience unbelievable effect when energy flows throughout the whole body. We also offer two more options – internal pelvic massage and Big Draw technique.

Internal pelvic release (anal massage) is deeply relaxing massage restoring the strenth. In our culture the anal area is often associated with the feeling of taboo, shame and fear. Quite the contrary, anal massage connects men to the roots of their strenth, gives endurance and self-confidence. Psychologically and physically anal area is connected with fear and stress. When we experience these emotions we create tension in this area. Consequently by releasing this tension we get rid of block and gain the feeling of comfort, peace and safety. For men, pelvic floor massage deepens the sensations in the whole body and opens the heart area that is why it gives the sense of completion and integrity. Pelvic floor bodywork also solves the problem with erection, premature ejaculation and prevents the prostate cancer. If you wish to deal with this area you need to book at least 2 hour classical tantra massage.


Big Draw

Big Draw is a taoist tecnique which helps direct energy from the lingam up through the whole body and experience the whole body excitement without energy loss. Big Draw charges the body with new energy over and over again if it is completed several times in a row. This tecnique can lead to extended states of mind and deep regeneration. It gives a lot of energy for solving many problems we face in everyday life. Especially Big Draw is useful for chronically tired, stressed and depressed men. If you wish our massage therapist can teach you this tecnique and you can also practice it at home.

Tantra massage helps men experience deep feeling of joy and relaxation. It brings harmony into partnership and professional sphere, restores balance between masculine and feminine sides that can even make men more attractive for women. It also helps release stress which men accumulate in nowdays hectic world, find inspiration and boost stamina for reaching their goals.

Problems which men can solve with the help of tantric massage:

premature ejaculation;
problems with erection;
– feelings of guilt and shame;
– feeling of loneliness;
– lack of touches;
– fatigue.

During tantra massage for men the busy mind comes to stillness and the body dives into the waves of pleasurable sensations. Unnecessary judjments and ideas disappear. You have opportunity to experience this feeling „here and now“ which is difficult to express in words.