Natural Ways To Increase Male Potency

Many people of both genders know this weird condition very well. Doctors call it erectile dysfunction, which means that one cannot get an erection or keep it properly. Here we would not discuss some strictly medical cases like consequences of traumatic injuries or genital infections, or some vessel pathologies because it needs medical treatment. We’d rather talk about psychological ED (Erectile Dysfunction). How you can distinguish between them? Shortly, psychological ED is transitory, it is not always present. So, if you’re all right and calm, and while you’re masturbating you have a perfect erection, but you don’t succeed with your partner this might be the case. (Note: If you have ED in all situations, even masturbation; make sure you get it checked out as it can be a sign of pathology). Now, let us try to understand the roots of this condition. Again, we turn ourselves to our minds. We know that our body aware of itself, and we cannot control its spontaneous reactions, but we are successfully programming them in advance. Constantly being under stress, caused by our hectic way of living, we develop a habitual reaction to tension, both outer and inner. All our behavior becomes reduced and schematized, as the protective responses should be. Even at the so apparently pleasurable area, like our sex life should be.

Researchers have found at least 3 causes of ED – performance anxiety (when a man think he has to perform sexual intercourse at the top of one’s capacities and is afraid of failure), impulse control (when a male believes his strong desire may hurt a woman and, therefore, controls it) and functional response to a dysfunctional situation (where you have exquisite reasons avoiding sex with a particular person, but you’re still making your attempts to have it).

How to solve this problem? Here we suggest some approaches. As the people are tensed, we are going to relax them with sensate focus technique, developed in the 1960s by Masters&Johnson. It helps people aware of the physical aspects of relations. While receiving and giving mindful touches during any superficial light massage, or foot rubbing, they are getting used to and familiar with their reactions. Then, it comes a moment to shift the focus of the practice towards an erotic massage or another sexual relation. This newly acquired skill will bring them to some new levels of pleasure. It is necessary to remind yourself that you may not immediately get the wishful result, so it’s worthy to stay relaxed and give space for things to happen. Also, it is impossible to set our bodies apart from breathing. Eastern people say that the mind is connected with breathing as a horseman and his horse. So, you can change your usual superficial way of breathing, resulting from constant stress and tension, into deep and relaxed breathing, when you can direct it to any place of your body, feeling them released from any problems.

Also, we can recommend the surest root of full-body relaxation, anal massage. Despite all the taboos and negative bodily feelings, connected with this part of the body, it is one of the key triggers of pleasure in our body. If it happens that we relax this part, this release spreads over the whole body, and if we are aware of this process, we can directly influence introvert layers of bodily consciousness. Meanwhile, it also brings some preventive cures for males in terms of blood circulation.

In our practice, we are meeting many people that require a complex approach to this issue. So, first, we are going to clarify the causes of ED, and then we choose the most efficient somatic methods, and how t keep healthy and harmonious sexual relations with your partner. You can get some homework to reproduce our session at home, performing some somatic exercises. Regularity and persistency provide a profound transformation in your life. To get more detailed information you may order a session with a somatic sex pedagogue or sexological bodyworkers, able to teach you a more harmonious and integrative sexual life. Our sessions are of very light, friendly and involving atmosphere, delighted by our visitors.

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