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Natural Ways To Increase Male Potency

Many people of both genders know this weird condition very good. Doctors call it an erectile dysfunction, which means that one cannot get an erection or keep it properly. Here we would not discuss some strictly medical cases like consequences of traumatic injuries or genital infections, or some vessel pathologies because it needs medical treatment. We’d rather talk on psychological ED (Erectile Dysfunction). How you can distinguish between them? Read More

Tantric Massage And Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation belongs to the most common sexual disorders, and many people are quite concerned of that. Here, we again come to the roots of this issue. It is quite clear for anybody nowadays that our behavior consists of some patterns. It means we behave the way we feel according our surroundings and emotions. During this process, we get some experience and then we know what is to like and otherwise. Nevertheless, somehow it happens that our awareness does not spread over some emotional or bodily levels. Read More