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Which Benefit Tantric Massage Brings To Women?

Initially, the tantric massage was invented by a German teacher of the neotantra named Andro. The method is supposed to be a ritual, awakening the sensitivity of a beloved woman. All the touches and actions are expressing unconditional love, which is a wish to give without getting anything back. It helps a woman to relax and unfold her inner sensual potential. It is better, indeed, when a woman receives a massage from a person, whom she feels connected emotionally, whom she trusts, as female sexuality fully awakens in the presence of a beloved one. But the absence of proper sex education often makes women search for the key to deep experiences from qualified specialists in the area of intimacy. Having passed the way from a patient towards a somatic sex educator, I would like to share my view on the use of this massage for women if they are open to such experiments and to describe the experience they might get from this method. Read More

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