Which Benefit Tantric Massage Brings To Women?

Initially, the tantric massage was invented by a German teacher of the neotantra named Andro. The method is supposed to be a ritual, awakening the sensitivity of a beloved woman. All the touches and actions are expressing unconditional love, which is a wish to give without getting anything back. It helps a woman to relax and unfold her inner sensual potential. It is better, indeed, when a woman receives a massage from a person, whom she feels connected emotionally, whom she trusts, as female sexuality fully awakens in the presence of a beloved one. But the absence of proper sex education often makes women search for the key to deep experiences from qualified specialists in the area of intimacy. Having passed the way from a patient towards a somatic sex educator, I would like to share my view on the use of this massage for women if they are open to such experiments and to describe the experience they might get from this method.

Awakening of the feminity

We are living too fast, quickly absorbing any information and acting upon the decisions taken. The mind is fantastic. Ideas come instantly, but the body has its own rhythm. Therefore, it needs more time for adaptation to new circumstances. Unfortunately, the majority of people lack awareness of their bodies thus making a decision out of logic or whim. So, the body does not have enough time to feel and open. Notably, female sexuality suffers because it needs more time and attention than a male one. Male sexuality is similar to a fire, which is burning up immediately.

But female sexuality rather looks like water, which needs some time to be heated and boiled. Instead, it cools down slower, and its potential is overwhelming. In a tantric massage, we apply slow and tender touches, bringing to a female body an experience of safety and trust, in this way enabling a woman to feel the depth. At that, a massage therapist is no trying to lead the woman to a particular ultimate goal. It helps a receiver to relax, just staying at the present moment without the necessity to chase anything. As the massage includes a lot of different techniques and touches, many women may unfold for themselves a variety of new experiences and sources of pleasure. Often my female clients shared their amusement and delight after the session of massage: “Wow, I did not think that I can feel so much here!”

Awareness of one’s boundaries

Now about the most useful lesson, one might take from a massage. First, we do not have to include all the parts of a massage and intimate touches in the process. Intellectually we want to be very open and sensitive, but our body may tell us that it’s too early now, it might be too much. It is impossible to eliminate all the blockages and tension accumulated during the whole life, in the course of one session. That is why I would advise listening carefully to one’s inner voice, and also aware of the physical reactions while receiving a massage. One should widen the limits gradually and consciously. Therefore, we always allow and recommend our client to say “no, I do not want it now” while working with the body and, especially, in case of intimacy. Neither a therapist nor your partner will ever know your body better than you. So, do learn the ways how to make the surrounding people know about the things you want and vice versa.

Removing the blockages and reliving the suppressed emotions

There are a lot of feelings, which might occur during the session of tantric massage. We have been carrying them as a heavy burden since our beginningless past. If there are strong negative emotions rush upon you during the massage, it means that you are on the way to release the blocks, which had restrained them. In this case, one should stay in one’s awareness of body, experience all this stuff at full range, and then let it go. Here, I want to confess: one needs courage for that, and the process lingers sometimes longer than it has been expected. If you feel to work with the blocks, then talk about it to your therapist, and you will get support from the person who will help you to overcome that. It is necessary to understand, that the things you had experienced now have passed away. You’ve got a precious lesson from your experience and now your body needs some time to pass this experience through and relax. When the blocked emotions have released, it brings improvement also on the physical level. The body becomes more healthy, relaxed, and vibrant. Also, it changes your perception – now you see the full picture of your life. It helps to find a new solution to your life problems, meanwhile lifting up the level of awareness in general.

Increasing the self-esteem

The scientists had proved that a child, having got enough loving touches from one’s parents is developing quicker and has more confidence in one’s abilities. Such children, getting older, know they deserve love and acceptance. Communicating with my clients and learning the human psychic sphere, I have convicted, that many people think they cannot attract any loving partner, because of hidden confidence that they seemingly unworthy better attitude and respect. These people often think they have to conquer the proper acknowledgment by hard work upon their outer look and social rating, thus devastating one’s resources and putting themselves into stress. In that case, I would recommend applying either tantric massage or any conscious work with your body as a support for your self-healing process. The tantric massage not obligatory must be exciting. Even a tender touch may spark off the deep feeling of fullness and unity, open the heart, and inspire a receiver to give joy to another person.

And also I would add, that in case of any problems you want to solve by application of our therapy, you may reckon upon getting the necessary information from us. It concerns the ways of your personal development: which exercises you can do at home, which changes you should bring in your lifestyle to achieve a wishful and stable outcome.

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