How To Make Holistic Transformation Possible

At first glance, some people might think that tantric massage is just an erotic or relaxing massage, an exotic entertainment in combination with good marketing. I think most people (like me in the past) do not even know what treasure can be found in it and there are reasons why it happens. Nowadays more and more people start making their living by giving tantric massage because there is a great demand and it takes a very short time to become a certified specialist. But to learn how to really help people on a very deep level takes years of studies and practice, especially when it comes to such a vulnerable and taboo subject as sexuality. It took me 8 years of intense study of the body-mind connection, to go through many somatic pieces of training, to breathe, to move, and to dance through my stiff body in order to understand how tantric massage can serve as a powerful tool for holistic and profound transformation.

What Is It For?

Everything that happens to us from birth, our upbringing, environment, culture, and events shape our ability to feel and be aware. And each of us has defensive mechanisms that help us survive, cope with difficulties and adapt to the environment, but sometimes they stop helping us in the present, severely limit and restrain our wish to experience more joy and freedom than we do. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of obsolete programs and blocks in the body. And for some people who are ready for such a practice, a tantric massage session can help with this. By applying a mindful and holistic approach we can start influencing our beliefs, emotions, and body responses, re-wire our nervous system and create new pathways for a healthy, joyful, and balanced life.

The Power Of Beliefs

Our thoughts and beliefs have a great impact on our life including our health. When we think about something negative our body does not understand whether there is a real thread or it is just an idea, it simply starts responding to it. We literally can create the reality inside and around us, it just depends on what our mind places attention to. For example, if I think that my body is pure and sexuality is an expression of love the outcome of the session will be different rather than I will think that it is nothing special. A very famous Taoist teacher, Mantak Chia, recommended in his books to get rid of old beliefs and concepts about sexual pleasure and open up for something completely unknown in order to become multi-orgasmic. We would like to invite our clients to do the same: to create some good intension and keep the mind open for a new experience and experiments.

Integrating Emotions

The reason why many people cannot feel extraordinary pleasure very often is connected to the fear of being vulnerable. When the intensity of emotions is too high the body has a tendency to create blocks and shut down. During the tantric massage session, there is a high probability to reveal suppressed emotions from the past, some unfinished business stored in our subconsciousness. You should not be afraid or embarrassed. When we direct our attention so intensely into the body, various parts of it (that have slept) can wake up. To reconnect with them, we will need the courage to accept and integrate them. To do this, you can share what is happening inside you with a massage therapist. He/she can support you with his or her presence or help you complete some “frozen” impulse coming from the inside. In any case, you can count on the support and acceptance of the one who leads the session for you. Maybe this is the most precious gift – to have the experience of being open, honest, and vulnerable with someone else and at the same time to feel safe.

Coming Back To The Body

Since people today spend a lot of time in mental activity, the connection with the body gets lost, and we cannot track the internal processes and impulses. This is especially hard to do, given the frantic pace of life of a modern person who is constantly in a hurry to achieve success in the future. But in tantric massage, we avoid the usual ways of interacting with the body. Instead, we slowly immerse ourselves in body experiences and sensations and listen to their rhythm and impulses.

Touches of varying depth and intensity help to awaken all the sensors and direct the consciousness into the body. The different sensations alternate, the body relaxes and the sensitivity expands. In oil massage, we use touches with special qualities: the first is sensuality, in order to awaken the instincts and life energy; the second is slowness to give the body time to live it; the third is the lack of a final goal, that is, we leave open space for spontaneity, free from rigid ideas and expectations. The therapist covers absolutely the whole body with touches, including intimate parts. And the way he does it makes this massage absolutely unique. These touches express love, care, sensuality, support, and acceptance.

Additional Options For Advanced Practitioners

For those who want to learn to consciously develop the sensitivity of the body, get rid of the blocks, and reveal its potential, one can use various somatic techniques in a tantra massage, such as spontaneous movement, breathing, voice vibration, the direction of attention and much more. It all depends on the individual needs of the receiver, his\her readiness, and enthusiasm. For example, with the help of quick breaths, you can quickly cheer up and increase your level of energy. If you need to relax and get rid of anxiety, you can use deep, slow breathing. You can also direct your breath to tense and less sensitive parts of the body for opening them up. Even just conscious, meditative observation of the body reactions already has a beneficial effect on our psyche and health. In this way, we learn to accept our body, its feelings, desires, needs, instincts without disapproval and shame. We realize that we are seen and we learn to be seen with all our natural manifestations and experiences.

The Formula Of Holistic Transformation

Holistic transformation is a very complex work but it is possible. It just takes time and requires patience to repeat positive experiments over and over again. We try to integrate all parts of our nervous system and regulate them by dealing with thoughts, emotions, instincts in a very gentle and compassionate way. Thus, we create new patterns in our body and mind and it makes us more confident, open, and relaxed in everyday life.

By Svitlana Textoris

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