I am a certified tantric massage therapist, sexological bodyworker, somatic sex educator and a BodyMind Gestalt Therapy practitioner. Studying body-mind connection, trauma release and exploring potential of pleasure were my strongest passion during the last 7 years.

With the help of careful and complex work with my body and mind I overcame many obstacles lying on my way to fullfilling relationship and sex life. In the past I struggled with chronical tention, pain, lack of sensitivity, anorgasmy, insecurity, anxiety, and dependance on other people’s opinion. I was not able to express my desires and do what I really want. The big shift happened when I started to tune in to my body wisdom. I realized how my subconsciousness communacates with me via sensations and inner impulses. I decoded the body language and found answers to many crutial questions regarding my health, relationships and general well-being. Since then I know my own inner truth, I feel very free and confident.

The tantric massage, bodywork or other mindful somatic practices can awaken sensitivity, intuition, boost the level of energy and awareness. I also understand that under influence of many factors we have different abilities, needs, desires and sources of joy. I respect individual peculiarities, all body expressions and moods of my clients.

I can give different types of sessions depending on the client’s intention and openness.

Tantric Massages

In tantric massage we let all the goals and expectations go, experience a big variety of gentle, sensual touches and just stay present and relaxed with whatever comes. This type of treatment is very helpful for people who live very busy life, think too much, have a habit to pursue goals and control situations. I try to awaken the energy and let the body tell its own story. It is amazing that we can never predict the outcome of massage or make the body follow our ambitions. Embracing and honoring all kinds of body responses is an important part of tantric massage.

Sexological Bodywork

If you wish to know more about the principles of arousal, open more possibilities for having amazing intimate life then you can practice Sexological Bodywork. This is a somatic teaching about presence in the body and regulation of arousal. It involves learning about erotic touch, anatomy of arousal, breathwork, techniques for releasing tension, scar tissue remediation after surgery and childbirth, mindful self-pleasure coaching and many other modalities. By means of SB you can learn how to cope with sexual concerns and dysfunctions, become more advanced lover, because by practicing somatic methods over time you change the way how you sense your body and connect with your partner.

BodyMind Gestalt Therapy

Among all the methods and therapeutic approaches I had tried, BMGT is the most holistic, safe and effective one in trauma healing. It enables to re-connect with the body wisdom and release the blocked energy from the system. As our bodies stores our history, unresolved issues from the past, it is important to develop compassionate attitude for our present states, self-love and respect the resistance. Instead of pushing to the limits and trying to fix someone I create a safe and open space which enables the body and mind to unfold its inherent potential for self-regulation and self-healing. The most exciting part of this work is – that it is not a therapist who heals, but the client is the one, who finds authentic and natural way for restoring health and emotional balance.

BMGT can be helpful for people who have chronic tension, pain, fatigue, any kinds of psychosomatic disorders, emotional misbalance, problems in relationships and the other conditions which are beyond the reasonable control.

For conclusion, I would like to mention that in my work I rely on the principles of clear boundaries, safety, open dialogue between me and my clients, presence, acceptance, compassion, openness for experimenting and spontaneity. I can apply many different tools and techniques in my sessions which can be effective but I always support my clients in focusing on their own truth. Some techniques may not feel right or helpful for the present moment. Your guidance and open talk is very welcomed during my sessions.


– Holistic sensual massage course (tantric massage), School of Tantra Massage, 2011, Prague;
– Vaginal acupressure, scar tissue remediation, European Academy of Somatic Education, 2013, Prague;
– Sexological bodywork, European Academy of Somatic Education, 2014, Prague;
– Visceral Therapy, School for Visceral Therapy, 2014, Kyiv;
– Somatic Sex Education, European Academy of Somatic Education, 2014, Prague;
– BodyMind Gestalt Therapy – Advanced Training for Psychologist, trauma therapy, United Psychological Centre, 2016, Moscow;


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