Body-Mind Connection

How To Get Out Of Your Own Head

Probably you have heard many times the words “I got stuck in my head”. If you are a human and you are not enlightened master of meditation yet, it is likely you are familiar with this state. The common signs of this phenomena are:

– constant stream of thoughts,
– flashbacks,
– fear from plans for the future,
– contradictions between thoughts and feelings,
– physical and emotional stress. Read More

Four Steps to Multiple Orgasms

Despite the huge number of articles about how to “bring pleasure to your bedroom” and “spice up you sex life,” many of us have not yet gotten a fulfilling answer with practical results.

Most look for a wonderful partner, create extraordinary situations or experiment with new toys. We intuitively are drawn to something new, unknown and very exciting to stimulate our desire. And that is absolutely fine to look for inspiration outside. To some extent it boosts our sex drive and supports a positive mood, but for others it may not seem satisfying enough. There is something inside our bodies that limits our capacity for experiencing very high states of pleasure.

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Discovering BodyMind Connection

My clients, their stories and my own personal situations make me educate more and more in order to find the answers: how to be happier, healthier and have better relationships with ourselves and others.

I started my career from tantric massages and sexological bodywork. I find these treatments very effective for going deep into the body and starting feeling more. Then I realized for me it was not enough just to be sensitive. Now I understand why so many people avoid it and prefer to stay in the head and regulate their lives with the intellect. Because when I got very sensitive I started feeling not only good but also bad things, my old wounds, old programs I had been accumulated in the course of my life. Being sensitive and with some level of awareness is a gift and I wanted to use it pragmatically and enjoy life rather than suffer. That is why I headed to a far away country to study BodyMind Gestalt. Read More