Breathe To Feel

Under stress our breath is superficial and fast, that allows us to put our feeling aside, reacting rapidly among changing situations. Likewise, if we breathe for well-being, it will show us wider range of feelings. Sexological Bodywork brings its students a variety of feelings, which is effortlessly rise up from body while we practice our breathing. It may cause some tears or laughter. But don’t take it seriously, ‘cause it will pass by anyway.

This method can cure a lot of conditions, such as depression, daily stress, fears and anxiety, traumatic stress and psychosomatic diseases. We are much more gifted innately, so you can do that, or rather try all this without usual complications. Being body-based educator, I help people overcome their stress, trauma and emotional turmoil using their breath.

Thus we can teach the autonomic nervous system how to shift from fight-or-flight vigilance to rest-and-digest acceptance. We can learn to practice retreat attitude, staying aware of our emotions, that gives us more experience and power. Deep breath can release us from the prison of flattened affect, that’s why we will experience our emotions at its full scale. May you’d rather experience inspiration excitement, joy, and pleasure.

Positive energy and the way we handle it

In process of our job we have recognized that people have a lot of very different effects. For example, Dr. Gay Hendricks observes that many people will create negativity when trophy feel good, simply because feeling good is so unfamiliar. “Being happy, inspired and favorable is kinda foreign territory. When we stray into it, we often bring ourselves back into the familiar world of suffering and restriction.” Physiologically, we can apply our breathing method to direct the effects of nervous system to make it able for massive positive energy charge transformation. It means that we are now deciding our future by choosing the way we do the simplest things. Like staying aware of our state, the mode of breathing, and our basic motivation to bring love and understanding in this world, transgressing our limitations and transforming the things we have here and now.

This procedure prolongs excitement, endures one’s health and brings about ecstatic states. We show these methods and apply it in the course of treatment. Also, we suggest the expertise from our workers broadly experienced at sexological bodywork. If one’s going to get some more advanced level of training, we also provide this kind of service.

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