Balance Your Breath, Or Reset Button Way

There are a lot of ideas around breathing. Many are still suspicious about forced hyperventilation, seeing this as a possible way to some strange and unexpected experience.
It might surprise you, but many people are constantly hyperventilated because of the way they get used to breathing. Quick, rapid, often stress breathing lead to higher elimination of carbon dioxide. If CO2 rates in the blood decrease, oxygen embedded into the hemoglobin molecule gets being bound tighter, thus becoming less releasable for tissues. This biochemical imbalance impacts blood pressure and changes the body’s PH. The state of distress becomes deeper. The constant iteration of the process leads to destructive physical and psychological consequences. Deep abdominal tonal breathing, in most people, encourages biochemical and nervous system balance. Meanwhile, deep abdominal breathing brings either biochemical or emotional balance in most cases. But stay calm, move ahead progressively, and don’t stress yourself by fighting your stress.

Dr. Gay Hendricks’s “Reset Button Breath” method allows you to reach this wishful result after some time of practice. First, at the start of your session, exhale fully. Then wait for the moment when you really feel to inhale, and do it deeply with your abdominal area involved. This method both simple and effective, you can practice anytime, anywhere without any special conditions, staying always fresh energetic, and relaxed.


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