Breathwork For Transformation And Healing

Before the session starts we suggest deep relaxed breathing in order to overcome stress and relax the abdominal muscles. Return to deep conscious breathing ceases thinking, getting nervous, or distracted from massage. It allows you to stay relaxed and focused at the same time. Then all the sensations are getting deeper. Also, we encourage our client to engage the vibration of his voice while expiring, which helps to relax the larynx area. When a man has to move, use his voice and breathe simultaneously one’s chance to control one’s feelings is very little.

This principle enables us to dissolve inner blockages and tension that appear out of excessive self-control and to increase the sensitivity of one’s body. The feeling of being here and now appears. It takes place as a combination of excitement and deliverance while a client discovers one’s inner potential that is unfolding as more intensive feelings of joy filling the whole body. But this can happen only voluntarily without pressure from the part of a massager. If a person wants to learn a particular technique such as the big draw) we teach our client to activate the nervous system by means of fast and rhythmical breathing. Generally, it is possible to regulate the level of sexual energy by breathing: slow breathing makes reactions smoother, calming patients down which is very helpful for stressed people. In the opposite case, when a person is tired and sluggish, we show how to charge oneself with fast and rhythmical breathing. The alternation between those two modes is also advisable.

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