Tantric massage is a limitless source of self-discovery and inspiration in the field of psychological and psychosomatic development, an approved practical way to teach people about sensitivity and awareness.

Beyond tantric massages, I help solve complex problems in intimate life. I give consultations to men, women, and couples who would like to enhance their sexual life, unfold orgasmic potential and deepen their intimate connection.

I think that most sexual problems that people experience on the body level, actually have roots in the mind. Relationships in the family and past experiences shape and influence our reactions. That is why in order to change something we need to look closer at our behavior and understand well why we have what we have and how to deal with this.

In my sessions I help my clients to overcome obstacles concerning the following topics:

  • self-esteem,
  • boundaries,
  • functioning of the body,
  • lack of sexual experience,
  • addiction to porn,
  • emotional inhibitions and blockages, compensation of emotional fulfillment with sex.

Cultivation of sexual energy

If you would like to become an expert in tantric sexual mastery I can teach you the following skills:

  • control of arousal and ejaculation,
  • extended states of mind with the help of sexual energy,
  • whole-body orgasmic states,
  • cultivation of sexual health by means of tantric embodiment practices: healing massage of the prostate, yoni, and lingam, G-spot, tantric breathwork.

If you do not have any problems to solve you are welcome here too. I give gentle and relaxing massages for men, women, and couples that have a great effect on the overall state of the body and mind.

Education and certifications:

Psychotherapy – Prague Psychotherapy Faculty, 2015-2018;
Tantric Massage – a course with Zuzana Belohlavkova, a certified sexological bodyworker, Magnolia Studio, 2014;
Neuroleadership Coach – certification, ICF, Dr. Vladimir Tuka, 2010-2011;
Sports Massage – a requalification course, MSMT, 2017.


“SkyDance Tantra” – a tantric course for couples with John Hawken;
“Essence of Buddhist Tantra” – a seminar with Rob Preece;
“Cosmic Snake”, “Shamanic Path” and “Holistic Medicine” – seminars with Janu Søren Ventegodt.

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