1. How did I come across Tantra?

After a failed relationship where our intimacy didn’t work, I wanted to learn how to experience sexuality in harmony and deep connection. I stumbled upon the tantric philosophy and gained a new understanding of sexual energy, which allows for much deeper experiences

2. What was best about discovering massages, Tantric, or erotic? How did it change my life?

Discovering massages, Tantric, and erotic experiences has profoundly deepened my understanding of sexuality and intimacy. As a result, my life has changed significantly.

My experience of sexuality has deepened, and I now feel much more connected with my emotions. I express my feelings much more efficiently, and I feel more connected with my feminine nature and authenticity. I’m also more accepting of my body and feel freer in embracing it

3. What does it mean to you to work with people on their sexuality?

It’s a very intimate form of work where I create an environment of trust and support clients in expanding their emotional experiences. I tune in and respect the individuality of each client. It’s incredibly fulfilling for me when a client leaves feeling content and enriched.

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