For me, tantra is not just about sensual massage, but it is a way of life. It celebrates human beings as a whole – their body, mind, and soul. Our society has been very conditioned and judgemental of various aspects of our lives, especially how our beautiful bodies should look, feel, and function. We have significantly diverted from our primary instinct.
In my perception, tantric massage is about conscious loving touch and respect for the person coming for treatment. It is heartbreaking to see how much this is missing in our society. Being seen and accepted as we are is one of our greatest gifts.

I have undergone many kinds of bodywork training and worked as a yoga instructor and nutrition coach with a great passion for the mysteries of the beautiful creation we are a part of. My favourite massage is lingam pleasure combined with prostate stimulation, where men experience both their power and vulnerability; it deeply touches their hearts and often the core of their being.


2001 Prague, Czechia, Massage course Refit massage academy
2008 Kerala, India, Yoga teacher training Sivananda yoga system
2009 Kona, Hawaii, Vipassana meditation course
2009 Dubai, UAE, Raw food chef training
2011 Dubai, UAE, Personal trainer level 1 course
2012 Bangkok, Thailand, Traditional Thai massage course
2015 Prague, Czechia, Yoni and LIngam intimte massage
2020 Prague, Czechia, Core Touch – sexological bodywork
2021 Prague, Czechia, A. Barnes, Sexual De-armouring
2022 Prague, Czechia, Core Touch – sexological bodywork

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