Being on this exciting ride where I can grow next to my clients makes me happy and I never get tired of it. 😍

Now I´d love to share this amazing world of Tantra with you… If you like to go deeper into knowing yourself and grow through unconditional attention, love, joy, and bliss, it is all possible!🫶

I invite you to relax and pamper yourself, have a piece of rest and quiet, free yourself from everyday rush, and escape from stress. Experience full respect and sensual care, enjoy present conscious touch, explore and extend your sexuality, and use fully your sexual energy… not necessarily just for pleasure.

When dissolving energetic blocks, your energy is able to flow freely in your body. Increased sexual energy is a great fuel for life, it can also open the door to your creativity, inspiration, intuition, better relationships, self-confidence, rejuvenation or even healing your body.

I will teach you to be in the present moment to access your sexual energy as a charge for living. Receiving sensual touch, keeping deep breaths, using your voice, and moving slowly enables deeper experiences in your body.

It will be a pleasure meeting and sharing time with you 😊

And what else may I say about myself? I love traveling to warmer climes, close to the sea or ocean, I feel super free when sailing, scuba diving, and no clothes on.😎 I love family time, our beagle princess, all sorts of sports, and a good coffee… Special affection I have for dancing and oil/watercolor painting.🤩


Education and Experience in the Tantric Field:

Core Touch II. (European Academy of Somatic Education, 2024) – Advanced Level of Holistic Sensual Massage, Conscious Touch, Advanced Vaginal Mapping, Core Cry, Triprocesses, Core Erotic Theme, Orgasmic Yoga, Orgasmic Meditation, Scar Tissue Healing

Mahalo Method I.–IV. (V. Chladek, 2023) – The Power of a Healing Touch, Outer De-Armouring, Inner De-Armouring, The Wheel of Consent, Acceptance of Shadows, Ritual Plays, Introduction to BDSM, Basics of Rope Tying and Spanking, Manifestation Skills, Energetic Protection

Orgasmic Woman (SCE Academy, 2022) – Woman Intimate Anatomy Outer and Inner, Anatomy of Woman´s Arousal, Sensitization of Pelvic Floor, Masturbating Styles

Polarity in Partnerships (Redvillage, 2023) – Communication Ritual, Polarity Games and Rituals, Male and Female Archetypes

Core Touch I. (European Academy of Somatic Education, 2022) – Holistic Sensual Massage, Genital Massage and Reflexology, Vaginal Mapping, Pelvic Floor Massage, Anal Massage, Breathwork and the Big Draw, Healing Aspects of Holistic Sensual Massage, Ritual of Senses, Elements Massage, Mouth, Nose and Ears Massage

Retreat for Couples (D.R. Paleckova, R. Vojik, 2022) – Polarity Stroking, Communication Ritual, Energy Circulation, Conscious Making Love

Wisdom of a Woman´s body (D.R. Paleckova, 2022)

Open Your Heart (D.R. Paleckova, 2021)

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