I am a positive, energetic young woman who loves life. πŸ™‚
For a long time, I was looking for the meaning of my life and existence itself. I wanted to do something fulfilling that would help my personal and others’ development at the same time. I came across holistic sensual massage and my life has been changing from day to day.
In today’s hectic times, we often forget how important is caring and loving touch.
Lack of understanding builds barriers between us so that we do feel the emptiness. And at the same time, we all long for love and acceptance.

Let’s change it! πŸ™‚

Come and rediscover yourselves. Sense and feel every bit of your body and rediscover faith in yourself. Everyone deserves to be pampered and loved. I would be honored to be your guide on a path full of real experience and pleasure.
Looking forward to meeting you. Best wishes, Jasmine


– The School of Sensual Holistic Massage (European Academy of Somatic Education), Prague;
– Requalification course of sports massage, Prague;
– Sexological bodywork training (European Academy of Somatic Education), Prague;
– Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher course from India, Rishikesh;
– Yoni & Lingam massage, Prague;
– Vaginal Mapping, Prague;
– Mgr. degree of Teacher of Biology and Art, Hradec Kralove.

The largest school for me is life itself and my best teacher is my own heart …

My Passion: My Life and My Horse


I would like to give you feedback on my visit to your studio about two weeks ago. My therapist was Jasmine. It was my second visit – I came from abroad and had the unique opportunity to stop over on travel. I want to express my sincerest thanks for the time I could spend with her that day. For me, it was a very emotional and deeply touching experience. I had this feeling that from the moment I entered the room, it would be easy to connect – and surrender in trust. It’s been an exercise for me to just open up myself to the present moment – and I completely lost myself in being there. Which I think is what it’s all about. A blissful surrender into the present. After a while, it was just as if it was a dance where I would stop any efforts to control. Give up taking any lead. Go with the flow. It opened up a level of being present without a thought of what could be the next thing to come. It helped me an awful lot to allow myself to move – which I hadn’t done before.

I enjoyed that none of this was necessarily ‘sexual’. I happened to be dancing in a way, even if I was constricted to lay on that bench. Jasmine was an enchanting guide.

It’s been an example for me to experience how energies could combine effortlessly to create a space of trust beyond the borders of what usually defines the ‘personality. As she said when we departed, I was still shaking. And maybe in some way I still am when I just meditate about that feeling. For a while – being alone in the room after our time was up, I couldn’t move. Something just circled inside of me – and created – joy. Presence. Feeling alive in a very true way.
I just have to thank you for this – it’s important to me to give that feedback. Whenever I have the chance, I will come back – because I know, even if I feel I let go in a way I rarely did before, there will be more. I will be back in the summer, and I love the knowledge that I will be able to do so. I’m very much looking forward to this. I’ll stay longer, knowing I won’t regret it. Thank you for being my spiritual partner in time. Namaste! C.

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