~ We are all connected by opened hearts ~

Each of my sessions is guided by my intuition and the individual needs of the client. It is common to experience a highly sensually satisfying, relaxing tantric massage combined with healing. You’ve heard the expression “warm, magic hands”.. I’ve got it. I have a unique, nonjudgemental, and effective approach to assisting my clients, whether you come with a specific idea about the session or you just don’t know what to expect. I listen to you. I believe in creative, constructive change between two beings, you and me, right here and now.

What I love about tantric sessions is that they allow me to combine all the skills I have which open to a range of sensations. From very gentle, noninvasive, or sexual touch to deep, intense work on a high energy level, that can even include some light BDSM elements.
I train the subtle energies associated with yoga, tai chi, and chi gong. Shiatsu, acupressure, and other manual therapies are all integral to my ongoing education. Regular fasting and a macrobiotic lifestyle are additional important elements.

I have trained and participated in the following courses:

Prana healing course level 1 and 2 in 2013.

2 years of Heart Tantra school graduated in 2016

1-week Shamanistic workshops: “Hero’s Journey” in 2014.
1-week “Dancing with Gods” in 2016

1-week Holistic sensual massage in 2016

5 months Acupressure Mastery Program in 2015-16


“Takk for dine fantastiske tantra massasje timer jeg får hos deg Eva.
Du gir behandlingen med følelser, nærhet og respekt.
Dine varme og følsomme hender gir kroppen min gjennomstrømninger av energi som varer i mange dager.
Hos deg, Eva er rommet fylt med rolig avslappet musikk, levende lys og varm deilig olje.
Smilet ditt, kroppen din, ingenting er feil.
Jeg gleder meg til neste gang, neste gang og neste gang.

“Today I had my first tantra session with Eva. Words is not enough to describe the experience! For me, it was as much a mental journey as a physical experience! Eva introduced new amazing tantra techniques and helped me push my mental boundaries! Eva is a true Goddess! I’m already looking forward to the next session with her!
Peter Oslo“

“Hey, Sunrise,
Just wanted to say am impressed with your therapists.
The treatment with Eva was fantastic!!!!

“Hei igjen Ewa.
Vil bare nok en gang si tusen tusen takk for i går. At du klarer å “lese” meg som du kan er helt utrolig. Det at du klarte å fikse ryggen min uten at jeg hadde sagt noe – helt fantastisk.
Ses snart… Ali”

“I just wanted to comment that yesterday’s session with Eva was absolutely fantastic. She was truly exceptional in her professionalism, gentleness, patience, and attention to detail – words simply cannot describe. Chris”

“Heyy Ewa 🙂 Thank you for a magical and titillating start on this day!!! My best morning exercise for a long time 🙂 You are a wonderful sensual girl !!! Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Mvh Jean-Paul


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