My name is Angelika. What describes me the best is my never resting gypsy soul. Since years I am traveling the world, from continent to continent, exploring different cultures, traditions and healing arts.

On this journey of (self-)discovery I lived for some extended time in a tantric community in Asia. My first approach to tantra was through the feminine art of devotion, rituals and dance. Dance is my deepest passion, as it is my gateway to my truest self where I can connect to the vast universe within me. As a Certified Mystical Dance Teacher, I share feminine tantric and taoist practices and rituals to meet your Shakti ( the feminine archetype ) within you and to bring this quality into your life.

At the same time I explored the quality of tantra massage and became fascinated by its power for healing, transformation and growth. As a certified Mystical Tantra Masseuse I am specialized for the Taoist and Kashmiri Tantra Massage. The Art of Touch of this mystical tantra massages are different from each other but both have the subtle guidance of sexual energy throughout the whole body in common.

In the Taoist Massage I work on the energy channels (meridians) to support the opening of blockages, with the purpose to bring the creative energy back into its natural flow. Increased vital power, good health, relaxation, self confidence and deeper sexual enjoyment are some of the common positive effects of this massage. The artful way of touch in the Taoist Massage stimulates the flow of feminine and masculine energies (yin/yang), which ultimately balances the body’s polarity.

The Kashmiri Tantra Massage – also known as Shiva-Shakti Massage – carries the receiver on waves of pleasure and well-being. The massage is a safe container in which the innocent inner child meets and merges with the fully awakened sexual adult. This meeting is the bridge that allows integrative healing to happen. The Kashmiri Massage touch is artful, very fluid, loving and intimate: a vortex of deep connection between recipient and giver.

Beside working with tantra massages I am also a certified Chi Nei Tsang practitioner. Chi Nei Tsang, also known as abdominal organ detox massage, is an other Taoist healing modality. Working on the organs which are accessible through the abdomen unblocks stagnant energy of the organs and unwinds nods and tangles of the blood vessels what in consequence helps the body to naturally detox. Emotions related to the certain organs will be released which leads to more emotional and spiritual clarity and heightened general well-being.

At this time I am under supervision to become certified as Sexological Bodyworker which has opened me for an even deeper understanding for the potency and importance of the work with sexuality.

I found my joy and calling in the work with sexuality and will continue to educate myself in this field. Personally I am a very loving and open hearted person and my touch is caring and affirmative. I love to work with refined and subtle energies to cultivate sexual energy but I also enjoy to give a playful sensuous tantra massage.


– Certification as Body & Vital Coach (Body & Health Academy Austria)
– Study of Psychology (University Vienna)
– Certification Permaculture Design (El Manzano Chile)
– Mystical Dance Teacher (Monika Nataraj & Agama Yoga Thailand)
– Mystic Tantra Massage (tantra essence with Ma Ananda Sarita & Suta)
– Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner Level 1 & 2 (Open to bliss school Thailand)
– currently completing the training as Sexological Bodyworker (IISB & Joseph Kramer PhD)

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