Ejaculation Control Coaching

Mastering Sexual Self-Control

In a world brimming with sexual health resources, a crucial gap remains – the lack of a personalized approach and a comprehensive, structured methodology. The plethora of online advice and techniques often feels overwhelming and disconnected, insufficient for deep and lasting change.

Your journey to conscious control and deepening sexual sensations starts here with “Ejaculation Control Coaching”. I am Svitlana Textoris, a certified Sexological Bodyworker, psychotherapist, and an experienced tantric massage therapist with a unique blend of skills and insights.

My Unique Expertise:

1. Decade of Tantric Experience: With 10 years of experience in tantric massages, I’ve gained profound insight into male sexuality and its transformation potential.
2. Sexological Bodywork: My education is specifically aimed at helping people with sexual dysfunctions in a practical manner.
3. Practice: As a psychotherapist, I excel in processing emotions, handling resistance, and offering support, understanding the importance of individualized approaches.

What You Will Gain from This Program:

1. Enhanced Knowledge and Sensation: Learn about sexuality and feel much more, opening new pathways to pleasure.
2. Neural Activation: Engage more neural endings, opening new channels for arousal.
3. Increased Confidence: Master your sexuality, impacting other life areas positively.
4. Enriched Intimate Life: Deepen intimacy with your partner, enhancing pleasure and joy in your shared experiences.

Common Mistakes in Approaching Premature Ejaculation:

1. Misguided Mindset: Many men believe they need to ‘fix’ themselves, setting unrealistic expectations.
2. Lack of Structured Techniques: Simple practices often fail to provide long-term results.
3. Overreliance on Single Practices: Sole reliance on practices like tantric massage is insufficient for true mastery.

Our approach, based on the principles of neuroplasticity, focuses on training the mind and body for conscious influence over arousal processes. We learn to manage this arousal, to intensify, diminish, and spread it throughout the body, free from mysticism and secrecy.

Program Structure and Offerings:

1. Theoretical Foundation: Essential principles for successful practice.
2. Practical Application: Guided meditations, breathing exercises, pelvic sensitivity training, and more.
3. Conscious Masturbation Coaching: Techniques for self-exploration and control.
4. Self-Massage Training: Enhancing the mind-body-genital connection.
5. Partner Exercises: Exercises to practice together for clients with partners.
6. Optional Tantric Massage: Available for clients in Oslo or Prague.
7. Global Accessibility: Offering both online and in-person sessions.
8. Progressively Challenging Assignments: Designed to gradually increase in complexity.
9. Home Assignments: Emphasizing regular practice for transformative results.

Join the “Ejaculation Control Coaching” program for a comprehensive, immersive journey towards sexual mastery. It’s not a quick fix but a pathway to profound, lasting changes in your sexual experience and control, underpinned our unique blend of expertise and understanding.