I support people who are looking for a more gracious and conscious attitude to their intimacy, sexuality, and body. I help them love, respect themselves, believe in themselves, and live a life in harmony. Through conscious work with the body, I connect my clients to the source of their life energy, their strength, and vulnerability, their wisdom, and pleasure.

I am happy to share my own experience of healing using Tantric practices, as it helped me to accept my pain in the area of intimacy and sexuality and transform it into joy and pleasure. Tantra and sexual embodiment practices opened my heart, body, and spirit, connecting it all in the whole one. Thanks to my self-development I feel more alive, sensitive, and joyful, and experience greater connectedness to other people, nature, and the whole world in general. Tantra also helped me bring my shadows to light and accept them as my gifts, connecting shadow and light into unity.

And that is what I pass on through touch and tantric massages.

My Approach to Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a holistic massage including massage of the genitals, but it is not focused on any agenda like achieving orgasms. It is focused on the presence and awareness in every moment. When we stop thinking of how we should feel, look or behave during a massage when we “get out of the head” and finally start noticing what is happening in the body here and now, the body starts waking up, opening up, and revitalizing itself.

The touch I give through tantric massages is the energy I let pass through myself and my hands. My hands are an instrument of that energy and love. I always put my full presence and acceptance into the massage, accepting a person as he or she is. Accepting whatever happens. With an open heart.

I believe we all have our divine part in us, which deserves respect and love through touch.

Tantra is a celebration of life. The pleasure of the soul can come through the pleasure of the body.

It will be my pleasure to become your tantric massage guide.

Services I Offer

  • Tantric massages for men, women, and couples;
  • Tantric massage with elements of Shibari and conscious BDSM (additionally 500,- NOK to the regular session);
  • Bodywork: de-armoring the body, genital and anal area, working with scars/scar tissue.

My Education and Professional Training

  • CORE TOUCH® holistic sensual massage” school at the European Academy of Somatic Education – EASE;
  • Assistance in the School of Holistic Sensual Massage CORE TOUCH®;
  • Massage course – Sports massage;
  • Training for sexuality coaches by Andrew Barnes.


  • Acceptance of the suppressed shadow, conscious BDSM and work with reprimands;
  • Shibari – techniques, emotions, working with ropes;
  • Working with scar tissue;
  • Orgasmic meditation.
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