Hello. My name is Simona and I’m from Slovakia.

From early childhood I have been fascinated by the human body and in my professional life I have always been inclined to work with people.

When I discovered tantra I managed to dive deeply into my own body and have had many wonderful mentors I discovered the importance of loving oneself. I gained a whole new perspective on how to be happy in my own life, relationships, and sexuality.  Tantra has indeed shown me how to truly be myself and that is what I love helping my clients with, too. I approach every session with an open heart and mind creating a space of safety, support, and acceptance. It is exactly this sacred space, which allows for the expression of feelings, emotions, and enjoyment of the body in its free-flowing sexual nature. Every massage is tailor-made to the client’s needs – it can be relaxing or meditative, dynamic, lively, deep, or touching…


CORE TOUCH I – School of Holistic Sensual Massage at the European Academy of Somatic Education – EASE

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