My name is Petra and 7 years ago holistic sensual massages showed me that I can feel and experience greater happiness, love, sensuality, and self-acceptance in my heart, body, and soul. That I can develop my sexuality and the joy that comes from it. I can understand myself and inspire other women and men through conscious touch to guide them through life’s pains and injuries so they can fully experience passion and life force in their bodies.

• Professional training “School of holistic sensual massage” – European Academy of Somatic Education EASE
• Core Touch – professional training for advanced students – European Academy of Somatic Education EASE
• Repeated assistance at the 10-day transformative training “School of Holistic Sensual Massage”
• Vaginal Mapping
• Healing Scars
• Sports massages – EduSpa College
• Indian head massage – EduSpa College
• Honey massage – EduSpa College
• MISP Instructor – MISA International

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