I have been actively involved with massages and body works technique throughout my life first as an active sports enthusiast; Later my journey lead me through a process of deep transformation, self-healing and self-discovery. Hence I have gradually familiarized myself with massage, therapy and body work. I particularly focus on healing, including healing of the Sacred Trauma.

Through my own personal experience I have had the opportunity to get to know the intricate web-like inter-connection of body-mind-spirit. This is what drives me in my passion and enthusiasm to work with people and share with others what I have learned so far. I believe that we all can lead well-balanced lives filled with passion, clarity and purpose. Oftentimes it is literally just few touches away 🙂

Tantric journey for me represents a very rare, intimate and profound way of experiencing state of inner bliss as well as the opportunity to journey inwards in order to get to know oneself better, to clean up what does not serve us anymore, to acknowledge and honour our bodies while at the same to connect to our deeper levels and deeper inner knowing.

For more advanced practitioners, tantric massage can become a blissful, powerful, healing and ecstatic energetic experience, a true dance between giver and receiver, and an alchemical practice. It is a sacred and ancient gift of energetic connection which we are invited to re-discover and re-explore in these modern times in order to remember who we truly are, why we are here and what sort of world we wish to co-create.

~ Namaste ~
~ Michalea ~

Qualifications and Training:

Deep Tissue Massage

Trigger Points Healing Techniques

Intervaginal Healing Care & Holistic Pelvic Care

Healing Power Of Somatic Sexual Wholeness Therapy

The PathWay of Touch Training 1-3 (including 288 hours on site training hours) & The Pathway of the Soul (96 hours devoted to spiritual levels of ancient tantric and native American shamanic journeying techniques)

10-day Tantric Massage Training Course with  The School of Sensual Holistic Massage (European Academy of Somatic Education)

10-Day Professional Training in Lakota School of Dream

10-Day onsite Training The Medicine Wheel, Gran Canaria: The Teachings and The Way of Energy Healing

Ongoing online, self-education, evening, one-day, weekend courses focused on various massage techniques, energy healing, trauma healing and somatic experiencing

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