I have five year experience in Tantric massage and Sexological Bodywork. I have witnessed many times how such work with a body can positively change a life of men and women. You become better aware of your body and you can awake the source of your own power to feel it in your body like you are at home, lively and full of strength.

I am a tantric masseuse and educator in the field of sexuality and relationships. I am constantly learning in Pedagogy, Psychology, Massage and Thatching Therapy. I am the holder of Californian Sexological Bodywork Certificate.

– Retraining Course of Classical massage, 2011, Prague
– Holistic Sensual Massage Course (Tantric massage), School of Tantra Massage, 2012, Prague;
– Vaginal acupressure, European Academy of Somatic Education, 2013, Prague;
– Sexological bodywork, European Academy of Somatic Education, 2014, Prague;
– Somatic Sex Education, European Academy of Somatic Education, 2015, Prague;
– The art of Tantra massage, professional training – John Hawken, 2016


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