For me, tantric massage is a conscious, loving and holistic art of touch, giving life to the ancient energy of the earth – kundalini, to revive and recharge your body and soul. I believe the process sometimes also includes necessary healing of deeply hidden emotions related to wounds of our soul and body.

The power of tantric massage was revealed to me on my journey to self-healing and self-discovery. When I first received tantric massage, I was deeply touched at spiritual level – it calmed my heart and healed everything that needed healing. I knew there and then that tantra is the path I want to follow and develop as a giving therapist, making use of my experience and skills gained through years of physical and mental treatment of traumas, and my life journey of self-awakening. My inner joy and fulfilment is everything related to health, body, natural care of human body and household, clean nutrition, plants, creative powers, Mother earth, water elements and womanhood. These are basic elements of honouring the body, the earth and everything that connects us to the inner wisdom of the body and soul, and with the very divine source of Love, our home.

I think of tantric massage as of a very gentle, sensitive and sensual art that helps us to easily connect to ourselves, to harmonize and heal ourselves when necessary. It is also a manifestation of love absolute, respect and ability to be “here and now”. I enjoy it very much – sharing the process with you. The dimension and depth of the massage during the unique contact with you give me experience and possibilities of further development, as well as the wonderful feeling I have when I see you shining during and after the massage.
I’ll be glad to perform the tantric massage according to your internal setup, intent and needs of both body and soul, to pay homage to your unique God/Goddess that dwells inside you.

I am looking forward to meeting you and stopping in time together… 🙂


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– Divine school of life on planet earth 🙂

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