Being psychotherapist and healer for more than 5 years of my own practice, I’ve recognized that massage of psychosomatic nature is much more effective method than just a sole consultation, which works only with the mental aspect of our mental-physical complexity. Compassion, conscious touch and flow of energy presented within the massage can reconnect my clients with their body and senses, and thus allowing them to remain naturally and effortlessly aware of the present moment.

Staying in the presence dissolves stress and possible tensions and it reconnects us to the full experience of our own life, free from neurotic mindsets of our culture and society which taught us to believe that there is something imperfect with our body and sensuality.

Let me assist you through sensitive and compassionate approach to reconnect your awareness with your senses, energy of your body, and joy of your life.

I specialize in three hours long sessions with consultations, whole body massage and healing therapy, adjusted to personal needs of my client.


– Person-centred Counselling program, and Mindfulness – Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR)
– School of Holistic Sensual Massage
– Scar Tissue Healing
– Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner
– Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
– Healing Science Practitioner

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