Being psychotherapist and healer for more than 8 years, I’ve recognized that massage of psychosomatic nature is much more effective in redusing stress, anxiety, trauma, and other mental issues, than a sole consultation, which works just on the mental level.

To enjoy life in its fulness, as a mature human being, we have to embrace the full complexity of our mental-physical being. The magic aproach of Tantra is increadible mean to learn that. Compassioned, conscious touch, and flow of energy, presented within the massage, reconnects our awareness, body, mind and spirit. All that is needed, is to let go of thinking, and redirect our energy from the head, into our body. This way our awareness setles, naturally, and effortlessly, in the present, and reconects us with our life, which only happens here and now. The magic of Tantra massage awakes the hiden potential, and energy of your body, naturally dissolves tensions, and allows us to experience our life in its fullness, free from neurotic mindsets of our culture and social tabus.

I can tune into individual needs and wishes of each client, to be his/her guide through sensitive, compassionate and magical journey of Tantra massage. During my sessions, I can teach you how to prolong, and sustain the pleasure of your body and mind. You can learn how to consciously use the powerful energy of sensuality, pleasure and joy of your body. Or, you could also just enjoy a deep relaxation, and profaund transfomative healing, which you will experience not only during the session, but also many days after.

I specialize in three hours long sessions, with consultations, and whole body massage, adjusted to the personal need of my clients.


– Psychotherapy
– Person-centred Counselling program
– Mindfulness – Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR)
– School of Holistic Sensual Massage
– Scar Tissue Healing
– Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner
– Healing Science Practitioner


“The session felt effortless and instinctive. I’ve been struggling with my motivation. I don’t think that particular method was ever really understood by me until now. It feels like it’s ongoing and timeless. It feels good and it is becoming stronger and I’m going to run out of words to give it justice. My worry, my desire to victimize myself, my dilemmas and battles on who I want to be has disappeared. I cannot shake this power off, the vibrations just perpetuate. I have never felt like shedding tears of joy so intensely.” ~   Alabert Turek (Zahra Modern Art Foundries Ltd)

“Dear Caroline! I was incredibly lucky to have found the recording of your teaching. I listened to your profound words of insight again and again, and it was like the lights were suddenly switched on in a dark room, it changed my perspective completely. Since then I feel more in alignment with my true nature.  I’m very grateful to you! THANK YOU!” ~ Renáte Schiffrich (Language Teacher)

“Life gets easier and more free by the day. So I rest in that experience. I am very thankful to you for being such a central part in that. Especially the courage to trust that I can make the leap. It is beautiful regardless of how I get there. Somehow I have the feeling I want empower you eventhough you don’t need that. Probably an expression of thankfulness and love.” ~ Haken Andersson 

“Thank you Caroline for an amazing journey with you and within myself. Your energy brought feelings to me that was both unexpected and amazing. You took your time to explain what was happening and lifted my feelings and present higher. I‘m so glad that our roads crossed for this amazing journey, that I will always have close to my heart.” ~ Ivo, Oslo

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