It fascinates me how I gradually soften and dissolve all masks and shields into primal energy and genuine instinct. I see this place as a bright light, like a sparkling source in each of us. My life’s journey of trial and error led me to tantric massage. My path was not always so clear and illuminated by all-embracing love. It was foggy, dark, and full of negative emotions.

Opening my eyes, waking up and step by step climbing to where I am now took many years. I finally feel at home. I am anchored deep inside. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to live on planet Earth and go along with my mission. For me, a holistic sensual massage means living life to the fullest. With everything and everywhere, authentically.

Every moment in our lives matters. If we allow ourselves to express the emotions we experience within ourselves, they will not remain as clusters of energy in our bodies. Thanks to this, life energy can freely flow through every part of our body. And so we are much closer to each other and to our dreams. With respect and reverence for every being, I touch the entire body down to the inner structure of the cells. Come and discover with me the depths of your heart. Meet your beautiful self, immersing in your private experiences. I will be happy to lead you along the path of love.

Professional training:

2021 – CORE TOUCH, School of wholistic massage (EASE)
2021 – Sports massage

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