I am convinced that many of our worries and our lack of happiness occur because we lose connection to our own body. For me, tantra is the path to regain the wisdom of our body which, when heard and followed, leads to our personal freedom, inner peace and harmony. Through conscious work with my body, I improved how I understand myself, respect and express my feelings and fully enjoy my feminine sensuality.

I am honoured to be your guide on a journey to discover the full potential of your body and sexual energy. I treat each massage according to your intention and needs. I offer you my full attention and conscious touch. Being a very empathetic person, I am able to adapt my touches to your needs: softly or strongly, carefully or playfully. The dynamic can evolve during the session, following the energy in the present moment.

According to your intention, I can help you relax deeply, forget the world around, awaken your sensitivity or your sexual energy and empower your body by life energy. If you are interested, I can teach you techniques of sexological bodywork helping you to understand more about yourself, to handle your arousal better and to generally improve your intimate life.

My speciality is to help releasing of the pelvic floor and prostate massage. I can help you discover that mostly unknown area of your body, or for the prostate massage lovers, discover more pleasure.

My purpose is to offer you my skills and experience in a safe space, support you to feel free and inspire you to live fully.

My qualifications:

– Sexological bodywork training (European Academy of Somatic Education)

– The School of sensual holistic massage (European Academy of Somatic Education)

– Traditional Thai massage (Thai Traditional Medical Services Society)

– Requalification course of sport and relaxation massages (Massage School of Roman Šimáček)

– Ph.D. in biology:-)

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