My name is Andrea and I am a certified tantric therapist with a passion for conscious kink.

I live fully, consciously and my days are filled with laughter, art and love.

Feel free to tell me if you’d like to focus on improving issues connected to premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or becoming a better lover.


Before every session there is enough room for a chat. I am a great listener and I have a lot to teach you.

We will talk about your needs and I´ll give you some tips on how to get most of the session, as your understanding of my technique is crucial. If you follow my instructions you are likely to experience something extraordinary.

With a skillful mixture of sensations it is my aim to guide you to a completely new level of consciousness filled with bliss.

Whole session is crowned with a lingam massage using the ancient tantric techniques that will awaken your sensual energy and fill you with ecstasy.

I work with men, women, and everyone in-between or beyond. I provide tantric sessions partially dressed.

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