I take my clients on a journey of discovery, exploration and expansion of their own sexuality. Do you want to experience intensive adventure and surrender to godly femininity?
My passion is the art of sexuality. It enables me to understand myself as well as the others, to fully manifest myself and express my desires and emotions, to expand and make the intention of my life – to be happy – come true again and again. I consider the responsibility of each and everyone to understand his or her sexuality.

I can tune into the needs of the others very well during the massage.
It is about experimenting with the senses, touch, breath, gentleness and power, feathers, scarves, anything that can make your body vibrant with energy and enhance your sensitivity towards it.

My last work week this year is from 25.9. to 29.9. After that I will have a long break and will be in Oslo not earlier than in 2020.


Alena is a breathtaking combination of innate gifts and polished professionalism, a rare pearl expertly selected from the best for her captivating sensuality, personal allure and faultless physical form to undertake the very special preparation designed to bring out the finest among her natural qualities and to confer exhaustive mastery of the art integral to your matchless and boundless rapture


an exquisite being dedicated entirely to bringing you pure joy, accomplished master of enthralling you with the art of the seductive touch displayed in the transcendent thrill of my massage


darling, you are amazing, since our session, I am waking up juicy no particular fantasies, just juicy and charged have many men suitors erotically charged and in creative excitement
I had a brain trauma 3 years ago from an equestrian accident. And depression that followed. And a bit of kundalini overdose which kept me from accessing energies I could before. It’s been a long road to recovery. She has brought me back a little closer. And I would like to continue when I return to Prague.sending you gratitude and I celebrate your dedication to excellence and integrity.


Magic Hands, beautiful body

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