Taoist Massage

The Taoist massage session offers a receiver a gentle guidance into exploration of his/her own energy field. This is the art of using simple massage techniques to stimulate the fundamental energy in your body – your sexual energy. In its turn, sexual energy provides the basis for all other types of energy, from the physical energy to survive, to the spiritual energy we need to continue our development. Taoist massage clears the way for our sexual energy to circulate freely in the body and promote good health, peace of mind, and fulfilling sexual experience. It alters the level of your awareness, heightening your feelings so that, with practice, the massage enables you to control and extend your enjoyment and the moments of ecstasy.

What is the Tao?

Contemporary Tao is teachings encapsulate all the wisdom of the ancient sages, based on the information passed down to the Chinese from a legendary culture, known by some  as the Sons of Reflected Light, about 14,000 years ago. Taoist teachings contain a high degree of mystification in their explanations. The word “Tao”, translated from Chinese, simply means “The Way”. In the context of Taoist cosmology however, it has a far deeper meaning. Tao means both existence and the state of non-existence from which it springs. Underlying this is the concept of the Tao as the consciousness at the heart of manifest and non-manifest existence. It is the same consciousness that leads the grass to grow, planets to turn, and is at the depth of your very being. You cannot see or feel the Tao, it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It is totally cannot be grasped by intellect. But if you can still your mind and sink your awareness deep enough, to a point of magnificent inner silence, you will be it. Throughout the millennia, the aim of Taoist spiritual masters has been to achieve this oneness with the Tao.

What Happens During TM

The theory behind Taoist massage is based on the role of sexual energy in the body. As sexual energy circulates around the body, it is transformed into other types of energy, including spiritual energy. The massage sequence helps this circulation and transformation. A massage therapist works on the energy channels (meridians) unblocking the energy points. Although this massage stimulates sexual energy it does not mean that it leads to arousal and orgasm. It is rather meditational energy work than exciting sensual massage. It is very different from Tantric Massages, which are so well-known in many studios in Oslo.

Duration and Elements of TM

2 hour session – this is the original Taoist massage duration with its specific sequence and strokes, shich are very different from Classical Tantric Massage, you might have tried in our studio. It involves the whole body oil massage with gentle touch. Lingam and Yoni massage takes about 7 minites and involves only 2 strokes. Yoni massage is given only outside.

2,5 hour session – involves more extended lingam and yoni massage with larger variety of strokes. It is possible to involve massage of pelvic floor and prostate. This type of session can generate more sexual energy.

3 hour session – for building up even more energy and deepen the experience this session offers mixture of Classical Tantric Massage and Taoist Massage. Involving some elements from Tantric Massage (the ritual, five elements strokes and extended Lingam/Yoni and pelvic floor massage) you can get a bigger variety of relaxing and loving touches and give more time for grounding and transformational process.

Who Gives TM

So far Angelika is the only one massage therapist who can give the Taoist Massage sessions in our studio. She received the transmission of this practice directly from the world renown Tantra master Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita. Taoist massage was designed by teachers of Taoism – Stephen Russel and Jurgen Kolb. Their background is in healing, as practitioners of meditational, martial and healing arts, as well as in the western psychotherapeutic approach, whose discoveries culled from many hours of clinical practice. Angelika is educated in several healing modalities and you can read her profile to get to know with her approach and experience.

For Whom This Massage Can Be Interesting?

It is for everyone who is interested in improving the quality of their sexual experience and general well-being. It is highly recommended for advanced tantric practitioners and people who already understand the value of sexual energy and principles of energy flows. This massage will be more sensed by people who had already been acquainted with meditations, mindfulness practices and energy work.