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Discovering BodyMind Connection

My clients, their stories and my own personal situations make me educate more and more in order to find the answers: how to be happier, healthier and have better relationships with ourselves and others.

I started my career from tantric massages and sexological bodywork. I find these treatments very effective for going deep into the body and starting feeling more. Then I realized for me it was not enough just to be sensitive. Now I understand why so many people avoid it and prefer to stay in the head and regulate their lives with the intellect. Because when I got very sensitive I started feeling not only good but also bad things, my old wounds, old programs I had been accumulated in the course of my life. Being sensitive and with some level of awareness is a gift and I wanted to use it pragmatically and enjoy life rather than suffer. That is why I headed to a far away country to study BodyMind Gestalt. Read More

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